Physics of the Glide

Mutual Gravity

mixed media on aluminum sheets
diptych, 48" × 48" each part

“Mutual Gravity” is ​a story about ​one​ moment​ in​ ​eternity written in​ a visual language that was ​learned from nature​; ​a result of ​partnership ​between ​artist’s ​will​ ​and​​ ​aesthetics of ​the ​material​​.

​It is a story about balance and energy created by gravity, a spectacle of interaction and complementary dependency​ that ​puts the viewer in the magic of “now” by virtue of ​​technique and ​media​​​ ​features ​that​​ allow the image to “breathe” and ​change ​​slightly ​depending on characteristics of light and motion of viewer​​.